About Me

Founded in 2017, Michael Jones Real Estate is dedicated to helping you achieve your dreams by providing you Real Estate services extraordinaire. Michael’s a world traveller, a former university professor, radio broadcaster, and big screen movie star. (Ok, the movie star bit is a bit exaggerated, but he has appeared on the big screen. Ask him about it, he’d be happy to blather on about it for hours).

Michael is overly educated in the art of communication. But, believe it or not, keeps himself quite humble. He has achieved awards for his communication, but not for his humility. According to him, he’s working on that.

About 7 years ago, while living and working in South Korea, Michael read a book about real estate investing. At that moment, his imagination sparked aflame. As time went on, and many books on investing and real estate were devoured, Michael came to see that helping people sell and buy homes would be an absolutely awesome way to help said people achieve their dreams. You see, according to Michael, a dream can only become reality so long as people have a place to call home. Without a home, no dream! So, Michael has decided to help his Williams Lake fellows and fellettes (the many people of Williams Lake whom he honestly believes to be his true family) achieve their life goals and plans by serving them as an honest and trusted Realtor.

In this role, he is a friend, a confidant, a counselor, a protector, a navigator, a marketer, and an all-around good person. In all seriousness, he really really REALLY wants to help you with all your real estate concerns. He is SO passionate about real estate and helping people that he’s jumping up and down now as I’m writing this. It’s strange. But anyway...

Having said all that, Michael would like you to know that the fact that you’re reading this sentence means you’ve already decided you like his style. So, he’d like you to continue to flip about this website, find some homes you’re interested in (if you’re buying), and contact him immediately to help you make the home you’re looking at become yours. If you’re reading this and your thinking of selling your home, then he kindly says, “what are you waiting for? Call me today! I can’t wait to meet you and help you out!”