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Williams Lake New Listing: 1440 Esler Road

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Blog by Michael Jones | June 16th, 2017

Looking for a wonderful little family home?  Something your kids would like, on a piece of land your whole family could get excited about?  How about your dreams of a hobby farm?  

Well, there's an awesome little home located on Esler Rd just off Hodgson Rd.  It's got 3 bed rooms, a huge den, and a sauna.  There are four bathrooms--which isn't a worry when you've got two septic systems.

The yard is suberbly manicured.  It hosts two nice-sized sheds and a quaint greenhouse.  The video below will give you a much clearer understanding of what the property offers. 

I asked the owner to list his top 5 "Loves" about the home.  He said that aside from being able to have years of amazing family memories, the home was pretty near perfect.  These are the 5 "Loves" he rattled off the top of his head:

It's a corner lot in a quiet neighborhood.  In a busy part of town, a corner lot can be busy and noisy.  But on this property, it's nice and quiet, and the house is located deep in from the road.  The corner made everything seem bigger!

It's super close to the bus stop.  The kids will not have to walk far to board the bus for either elementary school or high school

Two septic tanks.  When you have a house full of kids, having enough "plumbing" is a necessity.  Never had a problem because of the extra tanks.

The possibilities for the property.  It's big enough that an enterprising person could easily turn it into a hobby farm or a play pen.  It's got so much possibility.

The water!  The well produces enough water that the family never had water problems.  Five family members, five showers, no problem!  

Both the owner and his wife had much to say about the property's benefits.  But I want to keep some mystery.  To know more, give me a call to set up an appointment.

All for now!